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The SL2College Mentor Program aims to assist Sri Lankan students with achieving their higher education goals via a one-on-one interaction with a carefully chosen mentor. We have helped over a 100 students with either applying for undergrad or grad school in various countries by pairing them up with mentors who have experienced a similar education system. The graduate mentor program only accepts 10 mentees each admissions cycle. The cycles are in April, August, January. This page will be updated when the next deadline gets closer. You will be able to access this application form when the deadline approaches: As usual, our database of advisors and mentors can answer questions through the forum and Facebook pages as well. Please feel free to post questions there. To apply for the undergraduate mentor program, please fill the form here: If you’re specifically interested in applying to the U.S. for your undergraduate studies, please fill out this form:

Information for Mentors

Mentoring a student can be a truly rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to:
  • Guide a prospective university student by sharing your insight and experiences with them.
  • Strengthen and enhance your mentoring skills, which will be of benefit to you in the corporate world.
  • Give back to your country.

Requirements for the mentor:

  • Have completed, or be at least halfway through, a Bachelor’s Degree or reading for an advanced degree from an accredited University in Sri Lanka or a foreign country.
  • Be able to dedicate a few hours per week for the mentor program. You should be able to work with the mentee during a 3 month period (can be extended with mutual agreement) to achieve his/her higher education goals (eg. If the mentee is interested in applying to an MSc program, help him/her with the application process, etc.)
  • Report progress of mentorship once every month. This will help SL2College make modifications to the program and improve it.
  • Discuss higher education goals of the mentee and help him/her formulate the optimal higher education path (We will be matching you with students in line with your educational experience)
  • Guide the mentee to obtain necessary information, when your personal experience does not cover a given issue.
  • You would not be expected to do any work other than advising and guiding the mentee (eg. if the mentee is applying for a Master program, you would not be expected to research universities, etc.; your responsibility would be to guide the mentee on how to best find that information)
Apply to be a mentor here

Information for Mentees

Joining the SL2College mentor program has a number of advantages. The mentorship will last about 3-4 months, during which time your mentor will help by answering questions about the application process, and share personal experiences with you.

Requirements for the mentee:

  • In last year of Advanced Level (A/Ls), or beginning a higher ,education search process. You could be finishing your undergraduate degree in Sri Lanka and planning to apply for graduate school.
  • Commit to volunteering in similar programs organized by SL2College, in the future, and be an active contributor to the SL2College forum. We want you to pay it forward by sharing your experiences.
  • Complete a survey about your mentorship experiences.
  • Remember that the mentor is there to guide you, and not to do all your work for you. It’s your job to take responsibility for your own education, so please don’t try to use the mentor to do tasks like writing essays, etc.

Be a part of this exclusive mentor program and gain valuable insight. If you are interested in being mentored, please apply here

For more information, contact SL2College at   Become Mentor