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The Seminar Team of SL2College is what bridges our community with Sri Lankan youngsters in schools and universities. The team comprises of two sub-teams, each headed by a Project Manager. School Seminars Team School Seminars Team, holds below responsibilities. “SL Inspire” Seminars on Higher Education Opportunities This University Seminars Team The responsibility of organising seminars that promote and encourage post-graduate education to the university student lies within the University Seminar Team. University seminars are regularly conducted for a specific faculty of department of a university to ensure the students are given information that is relevant and specific to their field. There are five broad areas offered for a university seminar by the team, they are: Post-graduate education opportunities, Details on scholarships, Careers in related fields, Skills and qualifications required for the field and A session on motivating the undergraduates.The initiation of a university seminar could come with a request of the university or by the team itself. University Seminar Team Members:
  1. Madhushan Amarasinghe
  2. Jayathi Anupama
  3. Hansanee Rajapaksha
  4. Nilangika Fernando
For volunteer team the main points would be as follows.
1. Volunteering is just not about the experience, its about improving yourself on a personal and professional scale.
2. We conduct “Learn-From-The-Best” sessions monthly: guest talks from leading industry personnels
3. Also we have personal development sessions as the speaker training program.
With regards to recruitment, it would be great if we can have a small form where interested people could fill to indicate they are interested to join as volunteers.