Rashmika Nawaratne


Rashmika Nawaratne

Executive Director

Rashmika Nawaratne joined SL2College in March 2012 after hearing about it while studying at Royal College. He is currently in his final year at the University of Moratuwa, completing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering. Rashmika started by volunteering at the SL2C stall at EDEX and being the PM of the SLEF team, and was recently promoted to be the admin of seminars and volunteer/team building. He joined SL2C because he believes it shares the same vision as his- to guide Sri Lankan students to overcome difficulties in the education system. Rashmika believes that in 5 years, SL2C will become the tool every student, teacher, and parent will use when they require guidance regarding higher education opportunities both within Sri Lanka and abroad. And, he would like to see students from every district and ethnic group in Sri Lanka join SL2C as volunteers to make our vision a success. These are some final thoughts he has on SL2C: SL2College is not an organization where you can only provide higher education information to Sri Lankan students; by volunteering for SL2College, people can develop their professional and leadership skills as well.


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